Himalayan Siamese Cat Mix

Siamese cats have unique himalayan genes and that is why they have a long, silky coat which does not make them a good candidate for a hypoallergenic cat breed. The world cat federation has merged them.

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The only way to get a true identification is with gene testing.


Himalayan siamese cat mix. Himalayan cats had been brought to life from crossbreeding the persian cat with siamese cats. They like to create a deep bond with their people. The breeder used selected persian and siamese cats to create a unique hybrid.

It is also seen that siamese cats cause less allergic reactions when compared with other cat breeds. A himalayan cat can be obtained by breeding a persian cat with a siamese cat. A british cat breeder created the himalayan breed for over ten years.

They can be trained easily because of their intelligence. According to the cfa, the himalayan is the most popular type of persian cat. She will be a wonderful companion cat and must have at least one.

Like their parent breeds, they are also intelligent and super smart. The himalayan persian is a colorpoint persian cat, the long hair combined with the coloring of siamese cats. 2,043 likes ยท 7 talking about this.

Himalayan cat is a crossbreed between siamese and persian breed. Use petfinder to find adoptable pets in your area. Siamese himalayan mix is not a purebred animal breed.

Wedge shaped heads and striking blue almond shaped eyes are the norm today. She is still getting used to people but loves playing and snuggling with other cats. Basically, any cat with siamese genes is considered a siamese mix.

Though himalayan cats have dna of siamese their features are built much more similar to the persian. The other name of this breed is the siamese persian mix. Other cat videos will be uploaded to the channel over time.

See more ideas about cats, himalayan cat, beautiful cats. Siamese himalayan mix breed is a crossbreeding between a himalayan cat and a siamese cat. Your breeder should provide you with certification of.

They are playful and affectionate. Beautiful, young, playful chocolate/lynx point siamese mix. They are reserved and shy around strangers.

Seal,chocolate,lilac,blue & flame point kittens *deposits take 90 days to process. Breeders began to work toward this goal in 1931, at first simply to determine how the. The personality of a himalayan cat is calm.

They also come in color points, and the shading is similar to that of a siamese.

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