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The points of the seal point are the darkest and appear seal brown to black. Blue point thai cat or korat.

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These colors vary into four different color types:

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Types of siamese cats blue point. Blue pointed siamese cats are the darker version of the lilac point. Very unique compared to any other cat, you’ll know it’s a blue point when you see it. This feline is genetically related to the seal point, but being a ‘dilute' or a lighter version of the darker seal point cat that has a hint of brown.

Seal point siamese, blue point siamese, chocolate point siamese, and lilac point siamese. These have a dark brown coloring that can almost appear black. The result of this crossbreeding, the blue point balinese, is darker, making it look more like the seal siamese point.

The others are seal, chocolate, and lilac. Seal point is the dark brown siamese cat. Seal point, chocolate point, blue point and lilac point.

In addition, their paw pads and nose are slate colored. It also has blue colored eyes. A very rare type of siamese cat, this type has orange and crimson shades to its fur.

Seal point siamese cat 9. This is a very unusual color in siamese cats. Other associations, including the international cat association, accept other colors too, with their breed standard allowing “any color with white points.”.

Other cat breeds, like the oriental, the balinese, the tonkinese and the havana brown, originate from the siamese. There are only four recognized types of siamese. Many other breeds have come from the siamese, like the oriental, balinese, tonkinese, and havana brown.

One of the unique breeds, this type has a faint touch of colour resembling that of the seal cat. The blue of a blue point is actually a dark shade of grey with a tinge of blue highlighting its blue eyes. Caramel is the tastiest sweet!

Blue point is the term given to siamese cats with a dark grey coat. This is the most popular colors and what most people think of when they think of a siamese cats. Red point (also called flame point) cinnamon point;

The seal point is considered the original type and is the one that most other color points originate from. Although it also has dark grey pointed colors, the grey’s blue tinge is responsible for its name. Like the blue pointed siamese cats, seal points are the darker version of the chocolate point.

One of four recognized siamese. What is the rarest siamese cat? Blue point siamese have a bluish white coat with navy blue points.

This type of point siamese has blue points at the tips of their extremities, but appears to be a diluted version of the seal color. Let's dive into the four original color types. You’ll be interested to hear that blue point siamese were officially recognised in.

This type of siamese is closely related to the seal point, but instead of dark points, gene relatives have lighter toned gray/blue points. This is also the most widely available today. The points of this cat type can be identified as gray.

These siamese cats have soft cream colored bodies. These siamese cats have a bluish/greyish white body,with the points of the same seal color but they are not that dark. Red point siamese cats have dark orange coats.

These are considered the four basic colors they are: While siamese cats are recognized in only four colors (seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac), other colorpoint cats, including the colorpoint shorthair, have 8 point color possibilities, and four point pattern possibilities. Seal point siamese cats distinguish themselves with white or fawn bodies and darker.

Blue point is one of the four official colors accepted on the cat fanciers association (cfa) siamese breed standard. Thus, the caramel point siamese is the sweetest one among the siamese cat types by color. Nose pads are slate grey in colour.

Each of these types is generally identical in personality—they are simply four different color variations. The pointing pattern in these cats is very milky and chocolaty.

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