Cat Drooling A Lot Suddenly

Some of these causes can be very serious, and early detection is always best. We are seeing some cats with calicivirus occasionally and this can cause drooling and lethargy.

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Other causes for sudden drooling in cats include nausea and exposure to toxic or irritating substances and problems with nerves.


Cat drooling a lot suddenly. A cat who has overheated may begin to hypersalivate. Dental disease and cat drool Cats can start drooling all of a sudden when they are overheated, injured, and/or are dealing with an infection.

This condition is referred to as feline ptyalism, which is the hypersalivation or excessive drooling in cats ; I gave her a few pets, and noticed a drop of water on my laptop. Cats may drool due to pain caused by broken teeth, dental disease, or exposure to toxic chemicals.

The vets initial diagnosis was a mouth infection or a tooth infection. Other causes include being affectionate during petting, hunger, dental issues, kidney failure, or side effects from medication. What we should watch out for is if he starts drooling when he is not happy, if the drool has a strong smell or color, if it is accompanied by fast changes in mood or he starts drinking way more or way less water.

Another possible cause for drooling is nausea (even if she is not actively vomiting). Irritations that the cat is trying to “wash away” emotional stimuli; Difficulty or hesitating to eat, weight loss, bad breath, drooling, red gums, and pain.

A lot of drooling for a few hours, and then all is fine again. It can be easily triggered by poor dental care, which can manifest in gum disease, feline odontic resorptive lesions(forl), and related ailments. Cats drool excessively when they are overheated or dealing with an underlying illness.

In some cases, if there is a blockage in the alimentary canal, the cat may salivate a lot. She stopped eating but only drank. Tumors, tooth pain, and disease or irritation of the gums cause pain and difficulty swallowing leading to drooling.

Certain diseases, injuries, and viruses can also cause a cat to drool excessively. However, if your cat begins drooling suddenly with no history or hypersalivation, it may be a cause for concern. If you are still unsure why your cat is drooling it’s best to get them checked by a vet.

Dental problems this is one of the most common causes of cat drooling. Sometimes, drooling may be the only sign of the problem. Usually, these kitties adopt this behavior early in life, so it would not be typical for an older cat to start drooling suddenly if they hadn’t before.

Too much saliva can also mean your pet is sick, has a dental or respiratory problem or is in fear. It’s best to have a vet diagnose the cat after running them through a series of tests. Seeing your cat drooling excessively suddenly may get you worried and for a reason.

Cats drool excessively when they are overheated or dealing with an underlying illness. It is very uncommon to observe a cat drooling excessively. Each time the vet has said that sometimes cats just drool when they are happy, and the difference after teeth cleaning was probably due to differences in inflammation.

One cause of excessive drooling is when a cat receives or expects to receive. The reasons for drooling are grouped into emotional. According to the vet she had kidney failure and was suffering and was put down 4 days after this drooling started.

Other reasons your cat may be drooling. Cats drooling when they are happy and relaxed, for example, drooling while being petted, can be normal behavior. My cat suddenly started drooling, so i took her to the emergency vet.

Your cat definitely needs to see a vet if they: However, you should do it with great caution as your cat may become aggressive. Most drooling is intermittent and only involves a small amount of saliva.

If your cat is drooling excessively it is a good time to have her examined by your veterinarian. Injury or disease of the mouth is one of the most common reasons a cat would suddenly start drooling. Some cats simply drool a lot, while for others, it might be a sign of something seriously wrong.

Normal drooling is usually accompanied by excitement or pleasure in the cat. Cats can suddenly stop eating when they are dealing with pain, fatigue, and/or are anxious of their surroundings. Why is my cat drooling all of a sudden?

Abnormal drooling appears suddenly, and can last for hours. Observe her attitude and behavior and if the drooling becomes worse. But unless you have a bunch of toads outside your house, you should not take any chances, take the cat to the vet.

The cat may also drool profusely if it suffers from a disorder of the esophagus, intestines or stomach. Why is my cat suddenly not eating? There are lots of things that can cause a cat to be nauseous.

Cats may drool excessively when they are happy or being pet. If your cat is drooling excessively suddenly, you may do a quick visual inspection to assess if it was due to oral trauma, injury, or a foreign object. My cat was 19 ish years old and she suddenly started drooling.

If this happens, you should call your vet to talk about your cat’s sudden drooling. As always, observe your pet carefully since you will be the only one to figure out if the drooling is something that is natural to your cat or if it’s something to be worried about. Since it is rare, if you notice this, you should seek veterinary assistance to determine whether or not it is caused by sickness.

A rare liver disorder, known as the portosystemic shunt may also cause salivation. Have other symptoms such as lack of appetite, vomiting or pawing at the mouth. It was sunday morning, and my cat elsa clair strolled across my desk, walked between my hands on the keyboard and settled herself in my lap.

Excessive drooling is not normal and should be closely monitored.

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