Battle Cats Treasure Radar Farming

Guarantees treasure drops upon clear on stages. Battle cats is a unique tower defense game featuring a plethora of unique and witty looking characters.

Battle Cats 27-massive Treasure Radar Event – Youtube

You can also get them from certain levels such as villains jungle and ancient curse, though it's only a 1% chance, also this isn't recommended because it is literally 1/100 chance for one radar.


Battle cats treasure radar farming. The battle cats mod unlock all. Despite being unknown to some players, battle cats treasures are an essential component in unlocking passive abilities for both the characters and the gameplay. Battle cats is developed and published by the ponos corporation.

Unlike most titles, battle cats treasures play a significant role in the performance and progression of your units. You need at least one treasure radar before attempting this secret strategy to get more treasure radars. Cat treasures are received when clearing story mode stages.

B) play and win villains jungle (you got another treasure radar!) dont die. 90 cat food (45 during the sale event) for 2 items; This mod will also fully unlock cat treasures and tower of pwnages if they're installed to your game.

I make gaming videos, and guides. Each one of the characters listed here will have advantages and disadvantages. You feel free to choose the ones that are most suitable for your situation.

The best way would be farm treasure radars would probably be to farm lucky tickets and hope for the best. This mod unlocks all the cats (including the rare cats) as well as their contents in preparation for future updates, such as new cats and treasures. Therefore, more chances of winning.

Increases chance by 100% of getting treasure. A) go to villains jungle and equip the radar. The size of this download will determine the legend you’ll get after the tutorial.

View file [update] the battle cat hack how to import save list. Otherwise no one can give tips on random drops. it and wait for a data download.

Selecting the treasure radar before entering any stage will give you a 100% chance of receiving the highest grade reward available. Here begins the first step for reroll. Although it takes no effect at level 1, from level 2 and after, xp will be increased by 5%.

This list is based […] Under the battle button there's 7 icons giving you certain buffs for the battle. Automatically maxes out your wallet level to 8, allowing faster money gain at the beginning of a battle.

Interstate trade is illegal, but 31 states still allow the backyard keeping of exotic cats. In order to enjoy the full benefits of this feature, players must collect the superior counterpart of each battle cats treasure. When enemies draw near, send out tank cat to keep the castle safe.

Battle cats treasures are unique items awarded at the end of each level. Usually dokkan battle, or battle cats related, might stream some other games from time to time (zombies 🌚) join the #booglegang by clicking the subscribe. Shoots at enemy and pushes them back.

If you want a guaranteed chance of getting cat treasure, you can use the treasure radar item, which is available for purchase (using cat food) at the item store. They were intended to make treasures less annoying to get, but ended up becoming a scrappy mechanic themselves. In the 3ds version, 1 treasure radar costs 3 cat food.

Starts game with max money. Battle cats treasure radar farming. General tips on beating levels (credits to johnb) step 1:

When the laser is charged, unleash it. Step 1 for good account. Continue upgrading working cat and sending out defensive cats.

For 32bit devices onlyℹ️ submitter. C) rinse and repeat, and voila! Increase working cat two or three times.

No man you gotta stop after installing the game. Contents1 introduction2 lavril3 shea4 juno5 fallen frey6 may7 mediana8 rehartna9 evan introduction today we will go through the best healers and priests in king’s raid. Allows a cpu to take control of your army.

More xp in the current game. If you use this on the crazed cats, it will refund your radar back. Players can collect new cats and evolve them by playing the game and collecting experience.

Extremely useful for spamming purposes. The only tip is to spend your cat food on that treasure radar item. Well, i have a possible way to earn treasures, well of course using a least amount of cat units but with high attack speed and high movement speed, (like cow cat or the crazed one) atleast 4 of them, then some of the fast movement speed with a high damage (like express cat or the cats in the box) then hoping for them to destroy it as fast as possible.

On the insane xp stage, you get. Plays game automatic game for you. Treasure radar should be used for getting the 3% legend drops ( ururun wolf, li'l nyadam, et cetera), as well as advent stages.

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