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If you are allergic to cats yet would love to have one as a pet of your own, consider adopting one of the following hypoallergenic cat breeds. There are several cat breeds out there that shed less and cause minimal sniffles.

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The oriental shorthair is definitely considered a hypoallergenic cat breed.


Orange cat breeds hypoallergenic. Laperms’ curls hold the hair, much like that of the poodle, so shedding is minimal. They are believed to be of egyptian or ethiopian origins, although scientists still haven’t figured out where they are truly from. Turkish angora cat image credit:

An orange tabby cat is simply a coat pattern and not a breed. My own feline friend, alexei, is a siberian, so i’m particularly partial to this amazing breed. And the somali is as sneaky as a fox, too.

The coating of this oriental feline is as noteworthy as its personality. These cats are not technically hypoallergenic, but they produce less hair shedding and dander than the typical cat breed does. Sleek, short and very black hypoallergenic:

Representatives of this breed have a long, fluffy coat (with hypoallergenic properties) and a double undercoat. The siamese cat is considered a hypoallergenic cat. Although its short hair can cause an allergic reaction, finding a lot less hair in the home really helps those people who are sensitive to feline allergens to not develop symptoms.

Anyone willing to provide regular bonding time! Before diving straight into the worst cat breeds for allergies, let’s first address the gray area regarding “hypoallergenic” pets. This breed developed naturally, and they’re.

While they make good pets for people with allergies, they can also entertain anyone with full enthusiasm as they love being the center of attention. Above are 15 cat breeds that are often referred to as being hypoallergenic. According to science daily, the term “hypoallergenic” pertains to the characteristic of provoking fewer allergic reactions in allergy sufferers.for this reason, you have to bear in mind that an animal being hypoallergenic doesn’t totally mean that it.

Your sphynx will need frequent baths to remove the gummy buildup of oils on her skin, and their large ears will also require frequent cleanings. Although the oriental breed comes in both a shorthair and longhair variety, oriental shorthairs are considered to be more suitable for cat allergy sufferers due to their short coats. Some types of cats such as the siberian and balinese are considered hypoallergenic, but they still have a lot of hair and shed some (even if it’s less than other breeds).

The 11 orange cat breeds are: They usually have a couple periods a year where they shed more in the spring and fall. It is a large cat, with a lush double coat.

Following is a list of the 15 best hypoallergenic cat breeds for people who suffer from allergies. Bath and towel drying is all that is required to maintain the curl. The most common breeds with this pigment are munchkins, egyptian maus, british shorthairs, bengals, maine coons, abyssinians, american bobtails and persians.

Cat breeds considered hypoallergenic include the devon rex, cornish rex, javanese, sphynx, oriental shorthair, russian blue, balinese, bengal, siberian and colorpoint shorthair. Below is a list of 10 hypoallergenic cat breeds and useful tips on how to reduce pet allergens in your home. Looking for a cat the resembles garfield, with the orange coat color and personality?

In fact, this usually very vocal kitty sheds much less than other cat breeds. 17 cat breeds that are hypoallergenic. We are starting off with the oldest known orange cat breed, the abyssinian.

Also, generally speaking, a hairless cat can cause less allergies than long haired ones. 10 best hypoallergenic cat breeds: These cats have silky coats that are easy to care for and don’t shed too much.

I, for one, can definitely imagine this exotic breed getting worshipped by ancient egyptians! Originating in turkey centuries ago, the turkish angora is one of the oldest breeds of domesticated cats, with documentation of the breed reaching back to the 1600s. This gorgeous orange cat derived from the abyssinian breed possesses the sweet face and the full, bushy tail of a fox.

The good news is that there are several breeds that are considered hypoallergenic and that won’t produce as many allergy symptoms, if any at all, in sufferers. This breed was first bred to get the public more interested in the conservation of wild tigers. The siberian is notable for having a low level of the fel d 1 protein in its saliva, so people with relatively mild allergies will often be able to tolerate living with this affectionate breed.

This may seem counter intuitive at first, but remember that it is not the hair that makies a cat allergenic. The hairless sphynx is the cat most often associated with being a hypoallergenic cat breed. Toyger cats are a domestic cat breed with orange fur with darker stripes resembling that pattern of a tiger’s fur.

These are very rare cats, with only about 35 toyger cat breeders around the globe. If you're a cat lover with mild cat allergies, it still might be possible for you to have a cat in your home.although no cat breed is scientifically hypoallergenic, anecdotal reports claim some breeds might be less likely to trigger allergies.this is potentially because of their shedding level or because they produce less of the fel d 1 protein, a common allergen. For some reason, it appears that we’re obsessed with orange cats as a culture.

Here are some of the 10 best hypoallergenic cats for allergy sufferers: It comes from the vastness of siberia and russia and is very popular because of its long, soft fur. This cat’s fine, short hair.

Medium, 5 to 11 lbs energy level: The siberian cat also produces significantly less fel d1 and is therefore considered a type of cat that is suitable for some allergy sufferers.

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