Curly Coated Rex Cats

Although the mother was a straight haired barn cat, this kitten had curly hair so cox assumed that one of the strays from the tin mine was the sire. The curly haired kitten caught the attention of a cat breeder.

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Unlike the curly fur of cornish rex cats the fur of a devonian rex cat is a masterpiece combination of short soft and billowing curls and many crosses give a range of patterns and colors of fur.


Curly coated rex cats. The tousled appearance of the selkirk rex’s glorious coat, coupled with the breed’s laidback attitude, brings new. The cornish rex carried a gene called gene i rex and the devon curly coat was known as gene ii. This cat was crossed with a black persian and of the first filial generation, three had curly coats.

The rex mutation is a genetic variation in mammals that results in soft curly fur. One thing we do know for sure though is that the ural rex breed has a very curly coat. They also lack the middle or outer coat layers.

The rexed coats are unusual but occur in cats, rats, rabbits, horses, and dogs. One of the curly offspring, a male black and white cat was bred. They can come in any cat colour or pattern including colour points.

The mutations, infrequent and spontaneous, occur in a variety of genes and genetic regulatory structures. These cats also had curly coats. The first kitten born with the curly coat that lived on to establish the selkirk rex cat breed was born in 1987 in montana.

Selkirk rex cats, though, come from an entirely different line of curly kitties. The 8 rex cat breeds. Even today all devon rex cats can be traced directly back to kirilee the original curly coated kitten.

Coat was short, think and plushy and should curl, wave or ripple particularly on back and tail. These luscious locks can be either short or medium length. Believing that the cat shared a common curly coat gene with the cornish rex breed of cats, kirlee was bred to female cornish rex cats in an effort to produce kittens sharing the same coat qualities of the cornish rex breed.

Kallibunker became the founding father of the cornish rex breed. However, due to the thin coat, these cats also become much prone to weather and temperature. Selkirk rex coat can be both longhair and shorthair but they are all curly.

So the coat is described quite detailed and it had total of 50 points. The cornish rex cat breed origins date back to the 1950s in bodmin moor, cornwall, england. r this cat has one of the most unusually curly coats that exhibit an extraordinarily superior finesse and softness in the down coat.

Devon rex and cornish rex cats have short fur, big eyes and big ears. Cox had a kitten that was curly coated. Like other breeds in this list of cats with curly hair, ural rex felines are active and get attached to their humans.

In longhair cats, the coat is still curly but may not appear as fluffy and may lay a little closer to the body. But, the coat is still full of beautiful curls in either breed, and the curls are their crowning glory. This rex cat is actually made in the usa.

This breed doesn’t shed at all. This cat was names kirlee and he became famous as the beginning of the breed known as the devon rex. In shorthair cats, the coat is dense, plush and full textured.

Cornish rex was the first curly coated cat breed and that made it different from all another cats. The selkirk rex coat can come in a variety. It was named after the rex rabbit, which also has a curly coat.

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