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Feline distemper, or panleukopenia, is caused by a virus that almost every cat comes into contact with early in their life. **package price discounted by $20 in case lyme vaccination not administered.

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We recommend the rabies vaccine as well as the “r ” vaccine (rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and distemper or panleukopenia) for all cats as a part of their core vaccines.

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Distemper shots for cats price. The cost depends on your location and your choice of veterinarian: The average cost of cat vaccinations may be between $50 and $100 during the first year. The american association of feline practitioners considers this a core vaccine, meaning that they recommend that all cats be vaccinated against this virus, states dr.

Feline distemper, feline rhinotracheitis, feline calicivirus. Feline combo test (felv, fiv, hw) $ 28. If you need a certificate for a license or only need shots to complete a puppy series we can help and promise.

It might only cost the price of the shot, the cost might include the standard fee for an office visit with your vet or it might cost nothing at all. Adult cats should receive a booster once every year or two, according to your vet's recommendation. Adult cats with unknown vaccination records should receive a fvrcp vaccination, plus a booster.

***proof of previous felv vaccine required. “but you can get them free at some shelters. The feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia vaccinations often come in a combination shot (fvrcp), which is sometimes called the “distemper shot.” your cat may need extra shots depending on how much time they spend outside, how often they are around other cats, and the diseases that are common in your area.

Think of all the money you totally waste on your cat. Low cost outdoor mobile pet vaccination clinics. Without proof, felv test may be required at additional charge.

Although any veterinarian can administer these vaccines, they can be costly, especially if you have more than one dog. Package prices include lists for both east coast and west coast. It has been incorporated into idexx’s existing canine respiratory panel at no additional cost.

Average costs of cat vaccinations. The staff offered rabies vaccines for $15, distemper vaccines for $20 and microchips for $20 — with a $5 discount for pet owners who got all three. “it averages around $30,” dr.

The cat will also require boosters (yearly or upon the recommendations of the vet) and these boosters may cost between $10 and $50 per year. Vaccines are something he or she needs to be healthy! Up to two pets can receive vaccinations and/or microchips during a 5.

We recommend the felv vaccine for any cat that will be going outdoors. A distemper/parvo booster shot for dogs costs $15, and a distemper/rhino/calici booster for cats is $15. By law, all dogs age six months and older.

Rabies shots for cats and dogs cost $10 each. The price of the distemper vaccine for dogs is going to vary depending on where you go; There may be clinics with more expensive rates per vaccination.

Kittens should receive their first fvrcp vaccination at 6 to 8 weeks of age, followed by three booster shots once a month. Pet vaccination prices & packages discover the variety of vaccine packages we offer to keep your pet happy and healthy at any life stage. Individual prices are as follows… 1 year rabies $18 3 year rabies $28 distemper/parvo $30 distemper/parvo + lepto $38 bordetella $27 heartworm test $33 fe viral rhinotracheitis $37 fe leukemia $35 deworming $12 (roundworms/hookworms) microchipping.

Our clinics are held rain or shine on weekends only. These vaccines are not required at the time of surgery to participate in snap. And really, your cat is totally worth it!

Distemper vaccines are vital to a puppy's health because they prevent harmful diseases such as parvo. But even though a vaccination can reduce your cat's risk of contracting distemper, no vaccine is one hundred percent effective, she warns. At the veterinarian’s discretion, based on risk:

You should phone around your local area to discover the range of prices in the market place. We carry vaccines for dogs and cats, puppies and kittens including rabies, distemper, parvo, bordetella, corona, rattlesnake, lyme, leukemia and more. Read more to learn the symptoms and treatment for this deadly disease.

How much does the distemper vaccine for cats cost? You can administer a distemper shot on your own to save money. Vetco offers affordable pet vaccination packages & prices for dogs and cats.

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