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They wear a sweet expression set in a round face that’s impossible to resist. Sure, when awake and catting, they’re agile, quick, and a pleasure to watch.

The 5 Best Calm Relaxed Laid Back Low-energy Cat Breeds For Lazy People Catbreeds Lazycats Cat Breeds Cats Best Cat Breeds

But domesticated felines are only up for about eight hours a day.


Calm lazy cat breeds. However, just because a cat is calm, doesn't mean they won't need plenty of stimulation, both mental and physical. While the boerboel does well with children, placement in a home with newer dog owners is not advised. This breed is energetic and playful and is one of the few cat breeds that like to play in the water.

Then you’ll get on well with a birman. They don’t migrate like many species and spend most of their time lying motionless on the seabed, an activity made possible by the fact they can actively pump water over their gills. It’s confidant and curious, and you can usually find them investigating something.

When you combine a calm demeanor with an independent streak, it makes for ultimate laziness. Like most lazy cat breeds, himalayans prefer a calm, quiet routine. They are an ideal companion for single people, families, and retirees and homes with children and other pets.

The two most important—they love people and happiest when spending. These cats are friendly, relaxed, docile, and one of the best cat breeds to own. Most cats like to nap throughout the day, but there are some breeds more prone to live a relaxed lifestyle and.

Ragdolls have the most befitting name of any cat breed because they tend to go limp as soon as you pick them up. The curly laperm breed descended from barn cats; The bengal cat is a breed with a very distinctive pattern on its coat.

Cavalier king charles spaniel is another lazy dog breeds the cavalier king charles spaniel is a lover. Birmans follow you around the house but are happy to be mere observers of what you’re doing. The himalayan is a cross between a persian and a siamese.

At ease in both a show hall and home environment, siberian forest cats are generally unconcerned about other cats and will often roll onto its back to allow strangers to rub its belly, which is a sign of trust, miller said. Quiet, independent children will appreciate the mellow demeanor of quiet felines. Then british shorthair is the right calm cat breed for you.

While birmans look like siamese, they don’t share their tendency to “talk” all day long. The pattern can contain spots, marbling, arrowhead markings, or rosettes. They’re not the most active felines, though they do love a good play session.

The ragdoll is the ultimate lap cat and due to its docile temperament, and it is ideal for families with children or. Other breeds to avoid are cats that have had very little to no socialization with humans. They rarely ascend higher than their human’s lap, being content to lounge on the same level as people or even on the floor.

This breed is docile and sweet, and tends to reserve attention for family members. Calm cats can fit in environments with kids and without, but do better in the presence of quiet, independent children rather than active, playful kids. A quiet and laid back breed of cat, the birman is not as in your face as some breeds of cat.

Cats are lots of things — and one of them is lazy. If you are looking for a cat that prefers to share quiet moments with you while you are at home, check out these 7 lazy cat breeds. Given that many shark species need to keep swimming to breathe, you wouldn’t think them lazy, but the nurse shark is a different matter.

Some people want to liven up a quiet environment with an active and playful cat while others prefer to maintain the mellowness with a calm cat. Birmans are the sacred cat of burma, and they're also one of the calmest cat breeds you'll encounter. They can be playful, but they won't be too needy, and are incredibly patient and gentle.

With that in mind, calm cats would not be suitable for families with active, rambunctious kids. Sunday, april 12, 2015 less active households are ideal for calm cats. Variety (known for silvery gray) life expectancy:

Both the cardigan welsh corgi and the pembroke welsh corgi are two calm dog breeds that share similar characteristics. British shorthair is known for its mellowness, friendliness, and undemanding disposition. These cats prefer to sit near you instead of climbing in your lap, and they don’t like it when people carry then around.

Another large, heavy breed, the siberian forest cat is social with people and other cats but is generally mellow, quiet and very laid back. This breed wants nothing more than to spend time with its owners and give lots of. They typically take three years to fully mature.

British shorthair cats are content spending time alone, asleep, atop the comfiest perch they can find. Some breeds like the bengal, the maine coon or persian cats are noted for being calm (or sometimes just lazy). And the active climber, the abyssinian.

The following are 10 cat breeds that are exceptionally lazy even by cat standards. These cats are very smart but they’re not as curious as other breeds. Calmest cat breeds discussion topic created:

In addition to being one of the calmest dogs, the bergamasco sheepdog is considered a low maintenance breed.

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