Corn Cat Litter Flushable

It is a flushable, biodegradable litter made of corn. Flushable litters do not contain sodium bentonite.

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Some corn cat litter is labeled as flushable.


Corn cat litter flushable. Some corn cat litter contains other ingredients such as baking soda, mineral oil or other natural resources such as pine. Nobleza tofu cat litter, natural flushable extra clumping pellet litter, low tracking, biodegradable. Safe flushable cat litter recently, some more environmentally friendly cat litter products have appeared on the market that are composed of biodegradable materials like pine cedar, corn cobs, wheat and paper.

Tested and proven flushable* and safe for septic and sewer systems! The cat litter clumps but it easily breaks apart in water making it very easy and safe to flush. Cats are often carriers of the parasite, toxoplasma gondii.

An infected cat can excrete hundreds of eggs in their feces. Some manufacturers make their litter from a single material while others use a combination of materials in their biodegradable flushable litter. The instructions on the litter packaging will tell you whether or not you can flush the litter.

The truth of the matter is, there does not yet exist any purely flushable cat litter septic safe product. Although there are many flushable cat litter out there, rufus & coco weekitty natural flushable clumping cat litter is the best because you can flush down the toilet. Corn cat litter is made, primarily, of corn.

Almo nature cat litter, 4.54 kg. Some corn cat litter is marketed as flushable. Flushable litter is often made up of corn, wood, pine, or wheat, so it's biodegradable — if you don't put it in a plastic bag — and, according to its creators, also flushable.

Just as not all corn cat litters are biodegradable, they are not all flushable. The texture of wheat or corn cat litter is more like fine sand than hard pellets. See why our natural cat litter is a favorite among serious cat owners.

A lightweight cat litter is more likely to be flushable than a heavy, tough material. So you can skip the trip to the trash. Here are a few of the most common materials used in flushable cat litter:

Flushable litters are made from biodegradable, renewable materials such as wood, corn, wheat, pine, cedar and more. While these litters may be septic safe, flushing cat waste isn’t recommended. Natural compressed corn, whole kernel corn, or corn pulp are among the top products used in flushable cat litter brands.

You won’t find added chemicals or toxins in a flushable litter. Check the ingredient list to determine what. We’re glad that like us, you are environmentally conscious!

The litter will break down after use and you don’t have to worry about it filling any landfills.

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