Cat6 Vs Cat6a Cost

This means, if your cat5e cabling job costs $10,000, then cat6 cabling for the same job will cost $13,000, and cat6a will cost $16,900. Cat6 is approximately 30 percent more costly than cat5e, while cat6a is in the range of 30 percent more expensive than cat6.

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There are three strong reasons for the broad acceptance and rapid growth of twisted pair as the horizontal medium:


Cat6 vs cat6a cost. Cat6a components are used in class ea networks as defined in iso/iec 11801 and tia/eia 568. Without a doubt, we’d recommend our customers purchase cat6 over cat5e. We offer a comprehensive guide to understanding the difference between the three typical ethernet options currently availible on the market, helping you decide which choice is best for you!

For their purposes, cat6e means cat6 “enhanced”. Cat6 costs roughly 30% more than cat5e, and cat6a costs 30% more than cat6. Conversely, the more negative elements there are will result in a higher average cost.

One of the perceived disadvantages of cat6a is the actual size and weight of the cable. All these differences make the cat6a cable superior. Searching electronic part now with digipart

Pricing the first most notable difference between these three cables is price. There are a couple of other cost considerations when purchasing ethernet cabling: Low initial cost, the ability to deliver higher data rate lan services and the flexibility to use one medium for all services.

What would move the cat6 data cabling price to the lower pricing range? Then, you pay a cot of $50 per connector. It isn’t until network applications demand the performance of cat6a that you can justify the increased cable cost.

It indicates enhancements of the original cat6 specification that exceed the tia limit. As you already read, cat6 is the global standard. Cat6 network cables cost around $200 per 2000 feet while cat6a costs approximately $350.

Some of the most common applications that fall into that category are data centers. Cat6 cables can also accommodate 10 gigabit ethernet connections for a limited distance of about 55 meters. Installation is $50 per connector, which makes the cost of wiring a home for cat6 around $700 and cat6a around $850.

Ad find price & availability from the leading distributors worldwide. This is slightly higher than a cat5 installation, for example. In fact, there is no big difference between the cat6 and cat6a patch panels.

However, the difference between the installation of both these cables aren’t that high. For 2,000 feet of cable, cat6 costs roughly $200 while cat6a costs roughly $350. As an overall average, the cost of cat6 cabling including the cable, patch panels, and cat6 modules will range from £40.00 per point up to £55.00 per point.

The cost of wiring a house with cat6 network cables is about $700 and $850 for cat6a. The category 6 augmented cable, also known as cat6a, improves the cat6 ethernet cables. However, for a small network, this could mean a $100 difference of less than in the costs of cables.

The cat6 patch panel is used to manage the cat6 cables, and the cat6a patch panel is used to manage the cat6a cables. Cat6a supports data rates of 10 gigabit for the full 328 feet distance. These cables support ethernet data rates of up to 1 gigabit per second.

Although cat6e is not technically a recognized standard, some manufacturers still manufacture products labeled with the cat6e classification. It’s not too much of a price difference and cat6 offers higher quality and preparation for your network infrastructure’s future. The installation would definitely vary as the difference between cat6 vs cat6a ethernet cable are too many.

A larger number of cat6a cabling points For instance, you can purchase a 25 ft unshielded cat6 patch cable for $5.45 from infinity cable products or a 25 feet cat6a shielded patch cable for $10.00. Cat6a was 50% larger when it originally appeared in 2008.

Cat6 is the original version, while cat6a is the advanced version. Remember the fact that the cat6a cable would transfer the data at 1gpbps but up to a certain.

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