C12 Cat Engine Problems

We've had a 430hp c12 for about 4 yrs. Im more of an old school engine guy but i will try to help answer.

Caterpillar C12 2ks For Sale

What other acert problems are you referring to.


C12 cat engine problems. Residue from normal engine operation could cause the plunger to stick. These problems are common, ask around and you'll find out. Other than that, a good engine, the fixes are.

Both engines run good, the problem is that the starboard engine loses rpm´s and instantly returns., it drops down to about 800 rpm and then returns to speed from whatever speed we were., we called the caterpillar guys to troubleshoot the problem they hooked up the diagnostic computer and found no faults!. C12 cat engine reviews cat c10 and c12 engine specs manuals and bolt torques. It is a fine engine.

#2 · aug 27, 2009. This engine is turbocharged and the. 1) some times you can use a infra red heat gun to see if that cyl is fireing, this is just a simple test to see what cyl is having issues.

I have heard from several rvers who have destroyed their engines because of “valve problems.” caterpillar claims they have used the stock c12, with a different head, for racing, and turned 3200 rpm. I just spoke with cat and they said that i can have my engine upgraded to 455 hp with just a software change. The c12 has all of these issues, a long history of them in fact along with charge air cooler issues, search the web for lawsuits against the 3196 and c12 for these problems.

C12 cat engine problems, this monitoring clarifies the cat individual's character. The engine's cylinder bore has a diameter of 5.1 inches and a piston stroke length of 5.9 inches. Then refer to the appropriate troubleshooting procedure for more information.

Ask your own heavy equipment question. Just make sure if you repair the engine that all the cam followers are replaced as well. Yes, the c12 is lighter, it really is not much larger than the 3176b which was the original c10 and is based off of a light weight truck engine for line haul fleets.

A little hard starting when cold but the engine warmer takes care of this. As far as i know there are no serious issues with the engine; Torque in only 5th and 6th gears (1450 in all.

The 505 hp is the same engine. 31748 i have a c12 in my magna. This is in a day cab t800.

However, with c9 and c12 engines, technicians can encounter different fitment issues even without the liner seals in place due to the stack dimensions of the liner od vs. If you do not replace all of them. Remove valve (3) from adapter (2).

The cat c10, c12, e, c15, c16 truck engine wiring diagram provides information for the correct servicing and troubleshooting of electrical systems and is essential for all mechanics carrying out repairs or maintenance on the cat c10, c12, e, c15, c16 truck engine. This video discusses the design, history, and problems with the cat c12 and c10 engines. In over 30,000 miles i've averaged 8.6mpg pulling our toad the entire distance.

The design of the charge air cooler manufactured by modine was defective. Regrettably, some of the problems include those that could mean the permanent ruin of your engine, but some, if caught early enough, may be saved. Close the system when the engine is running.

Being able to split the top side makes a huge difference in pulling ability. Have 3.70 gears with ours, and gets 6.5mpg. They are why the cam lobe failed.

While the individuality of a human can be called cozy and friendly, the character of a canine can. In the context of u.s boating yes c12 deserved a bad press, and looking at very small hours clocked up by boaters here there is the difference. Issues had their roots way back in 3176 and 3196.

Depending on the weight you will be pulling, and how fast you want to run, i highly recommend a 13spd transmission. I need a cat c13 ecm wiring and pin schematic. Research shows that humans and also dogs have 2 distinctive personalities.

Expect to do a head gasket and cam/followers between 750 and 1 million. Worked at a cat teps dealer for truck engines. Our 32,000 lb mh drives more like a car then an rv.

Most times with an electronic engine you need to plug in to the ecm to be 100% sure. Also, they said now i have 1550 lbs. Check the valve in order to determine if plunger (4) moves freely.

Since you have no codes and sometimes the engine acts like it is trying to start, i would first suspect a low fuel pressure problem. C12 engines have been known to have some cam failure issues. You could have another failure.

I didn't notice since the torque stayed @ 1550. We have a c12 in the 425 hp version and love the power. Caterpillar claims that the primary failure mode for the c12 from overspeed is valve/piston failure when the jake is activated.

Do cat c12 s deserve their bad reputation. There is a fitting on the secondary fuel filter housing that you can use to. The threatened class action suit by boat owners was dismissed several years ago.

You can tell if there is a bad cam when replacing an injector. Use the caterpillar electronic technician (et) in order to determine the codes that are active or logged. Common cat c12 engine problems & failures.

I see it from time to time. Cataloged below are some engine problems and failures commonly reported by people inquiring about replacing their c12 cat engines. The caterpillar c12 is a diesel engine that is produced for use in both trucks and buses.

Table 1 lists the diagnostic trouble codes that apply to the engines that are covered in this manual. Cat used to be very reactive and supportive to product issues, however on this. The plunger must be able to move freely in order to allow condensation to drain from the aftercooler when the engine is stopped.

Your engine needs at least 30 psi to start and should have 75 to 90 psi when running. To the op, the c12 is a monster.lots of torque and a very reliable engine.

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