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Elsey’s ultra litter attractant just might be for you! I feel your pain and frustration.

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My cat watched me as i prepared her new box and she immediately got in it and peed.


Dr elsey's cat attract reviews. I’m trying to decide which cat litter to buy. Instead of trying to cover up the smells, this litter uses an herbal scent that helps to. Elsey’s has done just that.

I hated that stuff, so bought a bag of kitten attract since we use the ultra dr elsey's for our other cat. Elsey’s precious cat ultra litter attractant, a herbal blend that can be sprinkled on litter, but our cats prefer cat attract. Elsey’s precious cat ultra , and wanted to see how they responded to cat attract again.

He actually preferred the ka when he had the choice so we got rid of the pine. Twice now i’ve parented cats who had an aversion to. I think i’ve narrowed it down to world’s best (red bag) or dr elsey’s ultra clay litter.

Elsey's cat attract for so many years, and then one day my store was out of stock so i bought some kitten attract to hold me over.and i discovered i prefer it. 10 people found this helpful. I recently got a few bags, as charlie and trigg usually use dr.

A cat litter that absorbs efficiently will make clean up easier. Our other cat has sensitive skin and other brands make her really itchy. While i like the pellets, it’s horrible for poop coverup and it’s so wasteful having to.

Other reviews of cat attract. Elsey’s precious cat attract cat litter and thought i would try it before i had to do something drastic. What other users are saying;

Elsey’s precious cat attract unscented clumping clay cat litter; Recently i went to the store to buy another bag of precious cat ultra, the litter i use in all 6 of our litter boxes. The most interesting detail is that this is a scented litter, but not in the way most people expect.

It is less dense than the cat attract and just easier to deal with in the litter box and in tracking. Anytime we used anything else our cat wouldn’t use the litter box. Elsey's cat attract cat litter works great for training cats.

In addition, it is scented with herbal essences. Elsey’s precious cat ultra unscented clumping clay cat litter; I almost rehomed her and my vet suggested i try using a new litter box and a new type of litter.

Elsey’s gets great reviews because it clumps quickly and the clumps that do form are much harder than inferior cat litter brands. Cat attract has proven just as wonderful as the ultra litter, starting with the fact that the cats were attracted to the scent of the bag alone! If you have a problem cat that seems to avoid the litter box and goes where you don't want it to, i highly recommend this product.

Made with excellent quality materials, it can clump well despite the high traffic while masking the smells of multiple cats doing their toilet habits. Is it for multiple cats? Few things are as destructive as a cat who is refusing to use their litter pan.

When we got our kitten @ 12 weeks, he had been using feline pine at the breeders, so we stuck with it. These have been chosen to keep your kitty relaxed. Elsey’s line of cat food doesn’t actually have that many reviews, especially when compared to other dr.

I happened to have a bag of dr elseys that my son had given me. It’s also worth noting that dr. Elsey’s cat food prices are super high for a very small bag.

Elsey's cat litter designed especially for cats with feline respiratory disease. My kitty is 4 months old and i’m currently using paper pellet litter. Elsey's cat attract cat litter is a must for anyone having issues with cats not wanting to use the litter box.

Elsey’s cat attract cat litter and charlie. With that in mind, dr. Cat attract has a rating of 4.5/5 on amazon.

Reviews of the 3 best dr. I strive to feed my cats the best possible grain free food, but dr. This cat litter is expensive but it does work as advertised.

It also comes with lots of helpful info and tips on correcting these and other behavior issues. Elsey’s precious cat respiratory relief unscented clumping clay cat litter; Elsey’s cat litters are great for those who have more than two cats.

If kitty potty problems have got you feeling blue, dr. Elsey’s kitten attract clumping clay cat litter is a great choice for training kittens to use the litter box. Elsey's cat attract litter review (we tried it) watch later.

Petco users gave cat attract a 4.9/5 (it is no longer on the site) you can also purchase dr. Elsey products or other more popular lines of cat food. Elsey’s premium clumping cat litter has over 22,000 reviews on amazon at the time of writing and blue buffalo wilderness has more.

We buy the unscented version of this in the blue bag. So i bought a new litter box and used dr elseys with attractant. Elsey’s precious cat attract cat litter “why i like this product.

I was constantly searching and cleaning up after her. I took in a feral that just could not get used to the idea that he needed to.

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