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8.1 of # battlecats at the links below! Treasure chance, that still happens daily regularly although offhand i don't recall if it is for both or just eoc.

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Bcen Global Version Event Data – Period 31 May14 June 2021 Rbattlecats

This usually clears a path.


Battle cats treasure festival. Fire the cat cannon to blast baddies getting too close to your base! There are 105 total units in tbcpop.… The exception is the first stage of empire of cats, korea/nagasaki, which always guarantees a superior treasure in chapter 1.

E events and limited rewards during the battle cats' summer sunfest! What will they evolve to at level 10? List of all the special events in the battle cats and nyanko daisensou.

You can now see the health of your enemies! Overcome weird enemies with the right cat squad and take down the enemy base! If it doesn't, send out a few quick attackers (samurai, bovine, box of kittens) along with a gross cat to follow the pack of tank cats.

The only thing that will kill the assassin bear is a. This first use is free but subsequent use require cat food (90 for that instant production activation), so please think wisely and carefully on when to use it. Visit the battle cats app to collect a reward of 20 cat food each day of the campaign!

However, this cat can be unlocked in one shot if the player uses a treasure radar before playing any level. And you are advised to get all the treasures because the last stage boss is incredibly hard to beat and if you do it right, you would need to use at least one god cat (instant production) in order to win; No, treasure radar won't help, but treasure festivals will.

Using a treasure radar will also guarantee a superior treasure upon victory, although this is not recommended. The treasure festival event doubles the chance of obtaining treasure. 90 cat food cho 2 item (45 cat food / treasure radar) sử dụng:

(january event) ritual happiness (february event) bears be bare (march event) teacher! Cats now rule the galaxy! Pin by invictus03rdk on star (wars/trek) star wars darth production speed is important, as well as worker cat efficiency.

Treasure festival is also for 30 mins, but the difference is 2x the chance for any stage you choose (you better have full stamina and better be fast). Rare ticket gift on july 4th! The schedule actives per 1 may 2019 12am, but requires v8.6 installed.

The difficulty and the chance to get this cat will increase as the player progress. Treasure festivals in empire of cats on even days, into the future on odd days, and cats of the cosmos on 1/16, 1/19, 1/22, 1/25 and 1/28! Can you unlock their true form?

=super simple fun!= collect glorious treasures while you take over the world! *players need to update battle cats app to. Also, it will include every collab.

Cat food presents every day! Tested, bike cat does not work at getting best quality treasures. July 2nd (11:00am) through july 16th (10:59am)!

Most of the stage names and individual treasure names are reused from chapter 3 of the battle cats pop!. Battle cats treasure increase max energy. =super simple leveling system= clear stages to get xp and items to level up the cats!

If you time it wrongly, unless. When the laser is charged, unleash it. It has two new uses:

Firstly, it adds every monthly event enemy you have seen. Đảm bảo tỉ lệ 100% nhận được treasure của màn. Người chơi có thể sử dụng để lấy superior treasure trong eoc, itf và cotc hay nhận true form / cat từ các ải event và sol.

The battle cats v10.8.0 apk mod xp/cat food. The second use, instead, is: Many of the enemy bases, treasure names and stage appearances on the map in this saga are pop culture references.

They have the treasure event or festival to increase the chances 2x to get treasure. Get higher treasure reward drop rates in empire story chapters on even days, future chapters on odd days, and in cosmos chapters every third day. Plus, visit the battle cats app to collect a reward of 20 cat food each day of the campaign!

Continue upgrading working cat and sending out defensive cats. This advanced encyclopedia is something you can obtain at every level you do, there's a 0.5% chance. It's spring!(april event) love is sickness (may event) the forbidden bride (june event) never summer!

When it goes under 90,000 and 10,000 a black assassin bear is spawned. Soak up some rays, crack open a cool drink, and get ready for awesom. This section includes regularly occurring levels, such as monthly levels and levels in the calendar.

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