Pine Pellet Cat Litter Box

When your cat pees on the pellets, they will absorb the liquid and lock in the odor. If you don’t have a tractor supply or you don’t want to buy a giant 40 lb bag of wood pellets, you can buy pine pellets sold as cat litter too, from brands like feline pine.

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When you fill up the box with feline pine, you will not need to shield your eyes or don a facemask;


Pine pellet cat litter box. This is the best homemade cat litter box ever! With pine pellets, where the cat pees the pellets turn to sawdust instead of clumping. No new trees are cut down to make feline pine products

The used litter turns into sawdust, and settle on the bottom of the litter box. Pine pellet cat litter is used by spreading the pellets on the floor of the cat litter box evenly until it is about an inch thick. The sawdust that is left behind is powerful and can trap any bad smells from the cat pee.

When properly managed, pine pellets are among the best types of cat litter at controlling odor. You can find wood pellet cat litters available in the pet section, too. Clean the litter box monthly

The sifter top section contains the pellets at the top (with holes for the dissolved sawdust to pass) and a bottom section to catch the sawdust on the bottom. Here's how to clean out the actual cat b. I’ve seen this sold in 7 and 20 lb bags so if you can’t handle 40 lbs, it may be a better alternative.

This system produces the following: But that doesn’t mean it can’t smell less bad. It also may be better for cats with allergies, as the pellets aren’t dusty like clay.

The litter will then break down into sawdust. Your pine pellet litter will not simply mask the smell of urine like traditional cat litter. Till the owner doesn't remove the cat litter, the odor just won't go away.

A pine pellet litter box will have 2 sections. Wood and pine pellet litters are a healthy alternative to traditional clay cat litter. This revolutionary litter box uses an elevated insert with holes specifically sized to sift and remove the used sawdust into the holding box below.

Almost no dust is produced when scooping or adding into the litter box. Pine as a wood can neutralize and control the smell of urine. Start at one end of the box and brush through the pellets to find the sawdust and sift it out into your trash and voila… you’re done!

Is pine litter safe for cats? This means that all the sawdust from the pine pellets can fall into. Scoop out the solid waste and shake the litter box to collect the sawdust in the.

To make your pine pellet litter box smell better: Once the cat goes, the pee is absorbed by the pellets, which expand and become sawdust. The sawdust, however, isn’t dusty!

The person at the adoption agency told me that the cat was using pine pellets for the litter, so when i got home, i checked youtube videos on pine pellets and started using them. Let’s be honest, nothing you do will make your litter box smell good. Highly absorbent pine pellets to keep your cat’s litter box fresh and dry;

What actually prompted me to write this post is a pin i saw on pinterest. This litter is made up of pine pellets which absorb moisture and trap the cat's solid waste. So as you can see, scooping pine pellet litter is a simple process.

The large pellets do not stick to the cat’s paws. Pine pellets are generally safe for cats as long the pellets are made from untreated wood in which all pine pellet brands made for cats are. Fill with a layer of pine pellets.

For use with pine pelleted litters. Best natural odor control with no added fragrances; The residual sawdust will fall through the holes, leaving the clean pellets on the top.

The natural odor of pine is very refreshing and it masks that of the cat's droppings. The 100% pine pellets do not contain toxic chemicals, dyes, or overpowering perfumes. However, the pine oils are destroyed in the manufacturing process, leaving the pellets safe.

Only used pine falls to the bottom. All went well for a couple of months until i went into the hospital for daughters came to my condo every day, and one of my daughters said that my cat had pooped outside the litter. Some say pine pellet litter is dangerous for cats due to the pine oils contained in the wood which may cause respiratory and liver problems.

The sawdust generated as the litter box is being used is sifted to the lower box. After your cat uses the litter box, all that’s left with is a pleasant, natural pine scent. She used plastic storage boxes, similar to the ones i’ve used for my litter boxes for years, so i really like the project.

To clean, scoop the solids and initial wet sawdust pile (from urination) out, shake the bins. Some pine pellet litter boxes may have hoods like this one or just an open box with the sifter and the bottom container. This happens when the pine pellets get wet with urine and begin to break down.

Coming in second is another litter box that is designed for use with crystal litter, but that also works great for use with pine’s the petsafe deluxe cat litter box. Diy pine pellet litter box. The boxes are large and the sides are high which.

The blogger at meow lifestyle created her own wood pellet litter box. Low dust and lightweight (less than half the weight of clay litter! Pine pellet cat litter works differently than other cat litters, because the pellets dissolve when exposed to liquid.

The unused pine pellets remain on top. I remove the top box with the pellets and dump the wet sawdust from the bottom bin, hosing it out afterward, as needed.

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