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The siamese cat breed loves human interaction and will stay by your side so long as you allow them to. Axel rose when he's in trouble!

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Siamese cats are known to be one of the oldest cat breeds on the planet as well as their distinctive color and appearance.


Flame point cat names. Si and am (as far as siamese cats, these are two of the most famous cat names) simba; This is how they got the “flame point” part of their name. They got the name flame point siamese because of their coloration.

Keep an eye out for names that suit your cat's point or coat color. Haye’s wife, lucy—which means siamese cats have a history in the white house, too. The flame point siamese cat (also known as red point siamese) is a rare type of siamese cat bred to exhibit a red colorpoint pattern.

Go with exotic names or english girls’ names. They are a hybrid of persian and siamese cats, thus, having the characteristics of both the breeds. They are a part of our family, which includes our two adult himalayan cats (the sire and dam) and a golden retriever.

The flame point ragdoll cat is the name that the cfa (cat fancier’s association) has assigned to red and orange ragdolls. Cute names for flame point siamese cats. If her coloring is a that of a point, choose a season of the year.

Match your cat’s point or coat color. Best names for flame point cats: The flame point or red point is a rare coloration that originated in the united kingdom.

Chocolate point siamese might suit hershey or bournville, cocoa, mousse, cinnamon or s'mores. One of the earliest known owners of a siamese cat was actually u.s. Find a moniker to match your cat’s personality and appearance with one of these cute identifiers:

Most flame point siamese cats will have a reddish tone to their fur around their nose and forehead. I didn't see any of my cats' names in your list. Choose a cute name for her instead.

They are also called “red ragdolls”. It is one of the six siamese points. The himalayan cat is a charming and beautiful breed of cat that is perfectly suitable for any home.

So you’ll need to give a royal treatment if you. If you’re watching tv, they will sit on your lap. They are the standard flame point, the flame lynx point bicolor, flame lynx mitted, flame lynx colorpoint, and the seal flame bicolor torbie ragdoll cats.

Say the name out loud a few times just to be sure if it feels right or not. Then there are my two girls, both himalayan mix, age 11, whom i rescued when they were just a few months old. I have a male flame point himalayan (10 yrs old), whose name is axel.

Sassy (one of the most popular siamese cat names for females) satay; Unusual cat names for either males or females names for seal or chocolate point siamese names for blue point siamese names for lilac point siamese names for flame points (color point shorthair resulting from a cross between a siamese and a calico cat) names for lynx points (color point shorthair resulting from a cross between a siamese and atabby cat) asian. Flame point is a crossbreed between a typical siamese cat and a red or orange tabby american shorthair cat.

The siamese breed is perhaps the most recognizable type of cat in the world. They aren’t as rare as chocolate or lilac, but they are very unique felines that you might have a very hard time tracking down if you want to adopt one. It’s called many different names worldwide, and some cat registries don’t register it at all, choosing instead to label it a red colorpoint shorthair.

The red point, or flame point ragdoll, is one of the rarest ragdoll cats available. Don’t forget about names of spanish or mexican origin, either. Our sweet himalayan kittens are raised by myself and my family of six in our clean, non smoking, home.

In 1948, british breeder nora archer, with help from other breeders, started working with the siamese breed to create flame points. Flame point ragdoll cats come in five main colors. Smokey (one of the most popular siamese cat names for males) snaggle;

Don’t zero down to common names like fluffy, mittens, ginger, kitty etc. Blue ragdoll are the most common, and red ragdolls are extremely difficult to come across. October 21st, 2015 by jessi larson.

You have a lot of material to work with, since your cat’s a girl. Maybe it’s their distinct appearance and extroverted nature. Flame point siamese cats go by a few different names, including red point siamese cats and colorpoint shorthair.

Their names are sheba and shiloh. Cato (clever) felix (happy) gaius (joyful) hani (happy) houston (intelligent) hugo (spirited) aphrodite: Think capuccino, kahlua, tia maria, bailey, coffee, caramel, vanilla.

In the mid 20th century, some of the siamese breeders started to breed this type of siamese cats, and they gained popularity later on. When you’re asleep, you can rest assured that you will never sleep alone. The disparity in coat color does not change the friendly and affectionate nature of the cat.

Maybe she looks cute rather than regal. Miss ray, another breeder, worked to establish a flame pointed breed, eliminating tabby stripes and in having it recognized by cat.

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