The Pet Glider Lineage

Lineage is the family tree. We are located in the fort myers, florida area.

Looking To Trade Pair Of Sugar Gliders Sugar Glider German Shepard Puppies Gliders

This is a fee online site.

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The pet glider lineage. All joeys have had extensive handling for more rounded tame animals. Many people use the pet glider to keep track of lineage. All breeding pairs are in the pet glider breeding database.

This business has not yet been claimed by the owner. When purchasing a male sugar glider as pet only, your sugar glider will be neutered before pickup/delivery. Welcome to the psg pedigree database.

It's preferable to be able to track a sugar gliders lineage back to the founding gliders whenever possible. Designed specifically to improve sugar glider health and immune system. A 4% processing fee has been added to your deposit.

Only lineage can let you know for sure if they are unrelated. Many, never get to live the life of a pet, being bred. Lineaged breeding is the definitive mark of a glider community breeder.

Then when people who have experience with breeding try and explain to them that unlineaged breeding should not be done and why most get defensive, lie about it or say that they are being bullied. Lineage is provided when purchasing with breeding rights. Let’s talk about lineage and tpg (the pet glider database) i’ve seen an increase in people breeding unlineaged gliders.

Type in the exact name of the glider you want to look at, or; The program is free to use, and is open to all owners and breeders. Check out our breeding pairs!

The pet glider, glider world. It's preferable to be able to track a sugar gliders lineage back to the founding gliders whenever possible. I just sold a standard very well marked for 400.

For example, my pet only prices for a single can be as low as 225 (standard) to 700 (marked, potentially well, colored mosaic). For example, if $208 is paid, $200 is your deposit amount that id deducted from. Breeding pairs have all been vet checked and deemed healthy to carry and raise your new joey 🙂 well handled joeys.

The information collected by breeders and owners is used to work toward our mission.the psg database is completely free to use, but will be ad supported to help cover the costs of hosting and running the psg database. This is a much better criteria to judge a breeder by than whether or not they are. If they are a colored glider (anything other than standard grey), their lineage must go back all the way to the original glider(s) that showed that color variance.

The pet glider has been around for nearly 20 years, and has acquired multitude of information regarding sugar gliders! Log in to the database (it's free to sign up) register your sugar glider Go to the pet glider database and click on online pedigree program look up a sugar glider:

At this insures the sugar glider has not been imbred. The glider is registered in the pet glider database ( We're always learning new things about these wonderful furry friends, and would love to share that information with you!

This fee does not go toward your purchase total. Click here for the shipping policy. Many people use the pet glider to keep track of lineage.

Click on a letter, then scroll until you find the glider you're looking for register a glider: We offer the option of pet or breeding rights for all of our joeys. Gliders with good lineage keep being bred with younger and younger females to keep their lines and colors going.

Claim this business to update your information, add announcements, promotions, and view all of your reviews in one place. The pet glider is pleased to make available the pedigree database for domestic and international sugar glider owners and breeders. Be sure the glider you purchase has lineage!

Sugar glider prices vary but a lot of the price can depend on lineage and genetics. Priscilla is a veteran in the sugar glider community and hosts the main american sugar glider lineage database. In the united states, the vast majority of sugar glider lineages are stored and shared on the pet glider pedigree program.

This is a free online site. Lineage is the family tree. Tpg was developed by priscilla price, owner of the pet glider in texas.

Others choose to use their own programs themselves in order to maintain more secure data. Others choose to use their own programs themselves in order to maintain more secure data. Ground transportation is available in all legal usa states.

We have created many bundles that fit all your needs. All of our gliders and joeys are entered into the national sugar glider pedigree database, to ensure their lineage. Our babies are socialized daily to ensure you are getting a tame and friendly pet!

All of our sugar gliders are lineaged and have been selectively bred for health, temperament, conformation and color. How do i use the pet glider database: With each entry, we get a better picture of the sugar glider population as a whole.

Welcome to sugar glider kingdom! Here is another video from the pet glider showing off the tpg diet. Simply ask the breeder if the glider you wish to purchase has lineage & if the glider is listed on the pet glider online pedigree program.

So i wanted to touch on. This is all without breeding rights.

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